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VeroGuard announces SA manufacturing centre with promise of nearly 600 jobs

Cyber security company VeroGuard Systems has announced plans to build an advanced manufacturing facility in Adelaide's northern suburbs with a promise to create almost 600 new jobs in its first three years.

The Melbourne-based company is investing $57.5 million in building the manufacturing centre to produce its cyber security products, and intends to also open an operations centre for customer service and digital back end infrastructure.

The State Government is contributing just over $6 million to the project through its Economic Investment Fund and expects many former Holden workers to find employment at the centre.

Premier Jay Weatherill said the company intended to recruit 424 of the 596 required employees from the northern Adelaide region.

"It's extraordinary that the company has chosen South Australia as its base of operations and it's a testament to what we offer here in South Australia," Mr Weatherill.

"A high-tech manufacturing future is a vision for South Australia's economic growth here and we're seeing a company that's seeing the possibilities and investing here in South Australia."

Move makes sense for VeroGuard

VeroGuard chief executive Nic Nuske said making the move from Melbourne to Adelaide made sense for the company — particularly a move to Edinburgh in the northern suburbs.

"Advanced manufacturing for us is extremely well developed in South Australia and there were a lot of highly skilled people, as well as very passionate people around delivering what we needed in this location."

"[In Edinburgh] we are right in the centre of the defence programs and obviously as a developer of security products it's really critical that we have an eco system around us that reflects us."

Mr Nuske said VeroGuard had also developed relationships with local universities, particularly University of Adelaide.

Ex-Holden worker joins VeroGuard workforce

Former Holden worker Kym Denhartog has already secured a job with VeroGuard and said the timing could not be more perfect.

Mr Denhartog worked for Holden for 16 years before working for a component manufacturer up until last month when it closed.

"There are a lot of skilled people that are currently out of work, and I think for this to start up is probably perfect timing for a lot of those people," he said.

"This is fantastic, the advanced manufacturing, to be here in the northern suburbs is a positive sign for the state and the area."

Construction of the manufacturing centre is expected to begin early next year and should take between six and eight months to complete.

In the mean time, the company will be setting up a temporary facility to begin production.

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