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A unified, universal digital identity platform for Government departments accelerates the ability to bring services online for citizens, secures data and improves administrational procedure. Click below to discover how VeroGuard can help to streamline your Government department.



Industry leading ID management solutions, secure remote login options for staff and the ability to store your organisation’s data assets with confidence. A single, unified system to achieve all this and more.

Unique Online Data Storage

Here’s how it works. First, the end user is verified and logs in using a PIN on their VeroCard, leveraging the power of indisputable verification to protect the data at the source. The data is encrypted using the physical Hardware Security Module in the VeroCard, ensuring that the data is protected in transit. The encrypted packets of data are then split and stored across a vast array of multiple VeroVault servers, a process not unlike Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID).

Absolute Online Data Protection

VeroVault was designed on the principle that data must be protected at every stage of communication. Protecting data while at rest in the cloud alone is simply not good enough. Utilising a combination of indisputable ID verification, hardware encryption and multi-server data splitting, our proprietary solution directly addresses critical security concerns at all three stages of online communication. VeroVault provides much more than just protection for data at the source, it also takes measures to protect the data while it’s in transit and at rest.


VeroGuard Systems, in conjunction with Data61, is proud to introduce the most secure cloud storage solution ever conceived. VeroVault provides a level of data protection significantly higher than previously possible in the cloud.


Solution: Data Protection

VeroVault Architecture
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