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A unified, universal digital identity platform for Government departments accelerates the ability to bring services online for citizens, secures data and improves administrational procedure. Click below to discover how VeroGuard can help to streamline your Government department.



Industry leading ID management solutions, secure remote login options for staff and the ability to store your organisation’s data assets with confidence. A single, unified system to achieve all this and more.

Genuine Black Box Security Online

VeroCard is so much more than just another digital wallet, it is also a fully functional EFTPOS terminal roughly the size and shape of a credit card. Designed to comply with industry certification for card present payments (PCI PTS), it offers the same level of protection as a bank transaction during online use – the first and only product of its kind. VeroCard is also protected against all forms of physical tampering and there is no need for concern if the card is lost or stolen because VeroCard stores no accessible data and can be remotely disabled.

Absolute Personal Identity Protection

VeroCard is your personal digital identity. A universal, unified card that enables non-repudiable authentication online for the very first time. It connects to the VeroGuard network to provide absolute protection of your identity in online transactions, communications or when accessing almost any system, as well as enabling superior privacy control. VeroCard is also the perfect tool for convenient management of digital identity access. It acts as a secure point of entry to provide non-repudiable access to websites, applications, cloud storage, physical access, scada, payment and many other systems through our secure platform, with real-time authentication utilising hardware encryption to make it the best protection for guaranteeing online identity ever created.


The VeroCard is an ultra-secure (in built HSM), unified, universal and portable digital identity that fits in your wallet. It pairs seamlessly with your devices via Bluetooth or NFC and delivers bank-to-bank grade security with hardware encrypted connections. VeroCard can be used anywhere, anytime.


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