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A unified, universal digital identity platform for Government departments accelerates the ability to bring services online for citizens, secures data and improves administrational procedure. Click below to discover how VeroGuard can help to streamline your Government department.



Industry leading ID management solutions, secure remote login options for staff and the ability to store your organisation’s data assets with confidence. A single, unified system to achieve all this and more.

Machine Identity for IoT

Vero Machine Identity is a Hardware Security Module (HSM) based solution that provides unparalleled security for IoT devices and applications. The module provides absolute protection for all internet connected devices, including AI/BI engines and tools. It works in conjunction with the VeroGuard network to provide HSM to HSM authentication of device identity. VeroGuard machine identity can be used to secure any type of device and handles the processing load for cryptographic calculations, meaning the IoT machines are not impacted by the security workload.

It can be easily embedded into any device without fuss and connects directly to the VeroGuard network to protect both the device itself and any data it transmits. The solution is compatible with existing platforms and requires no upgrade to systems, offering connectivity that includes RJ, CAT, cellular (2G/3/4g/5g) WiFi or BPL/PLC.


Product: VeroMod


Machine ID

In order to create an irrefutable identity for any device, VeroMod is simply integrated into the device, or via RJS connection. The machine requests connection and is verified with non-repudiable out of band and hardware encrypted multi factor authentication. At this point, VeroGuard provides HSM to HSM authentication and verification of machine identity, which allows encrypted tunnels to open, connecting machine to machine. All communications are AS 2805/ISO 8583 messaging and VeroMod handles the processing load for cryptographic calculations. Meanwhile, IoT machines are not impacted in any way.

Machine ID is tamper resistant, utilises a unique key for every transaction and, with no known source of encryption, exposes no user authentication information. It is a simple and cost effective solution for securing all device data and communications.

For more information: VeroGuard Protecting the IoT

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