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  • Chinese cameras: More than meets the eye

    Published on Defence Connect 17 Feb 2023 Opinion: Recent national concerns about the risk of installed Chinese-manufactured security cameras at sensitive government sites have exposed the tip of an iceberg, explains cyber security and IT industry veteran Nic Nuske. The ensuing political debate also repeated the mistaken belief that Australia has no manufacturing capacity that delivers quality surveillance with no risk to data. Let’s start with the government’s response of “remove the cameras” and “review their installation”. Removing Chinese-made cameras will eliminate manufactured threats in those devices. It is not going far enough, however, when it comes to addressing the cyber risks inherent to connecting any camera or device to the internet. Raising the profile of these serious threats to business and government warrants endorsement, first, to prevent declines in public confidence, and second, to encourage local solutions. Positive action to remediate or remove the cameras warrants applause. Replacing the cameras now is an important security action for Australia. However, for the purposes of long-term strategies, it is critical to understand that threats embedded at the time of manufacture are not the only risks to cameras and other devices exposed to the internet. For example, Chinese hackers exploit more zero-day threats in devices made outside China than any other group. Cyber security weaknesses inherent to machines plague device and equipment manufacturers and are being regularly exploited by bad actors. As we connect more and more devices to the internet in the name of productivity, efficiency, and mobility, we are witnessing an exponential increase in cyber threats and breaches that exploit device security irrelevant of the place of manufacture. It is well documented that many devices (machines and sensors) have little or insufficient security to protect against increasingly sophisticated crime.  The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner reported last year that there were 853 notifiable data breaches in 2021–22. Around 20 per cent of those were in health service providers, followed by finance, legal and accounting, education and Australian government agencies. The list shows that data breaches have become ever-present with some jaw-dropping losses of data. The Australian Cyber Security Centre’s latest threat report shows the centre received more than 76,000 cyber crime reports in the 2022 financial year, up 13 per cent on the previous year. That’s one attack every seven minutes, on average. The cost of dealing with cyber attacks, as Optus and Medibank have discovered, is huge. Video surveillance systems bring with them some extra challenges to cyber security including an additional layer of abstraction (the visual layer), however many of the cyber issues for machines are common to any device, machine, or sensor connecting with the internet. The possible risks embedded at the time of manufacture (intentional or not) can lead to and/or compound many other risks. The most common threats to devices exposed to online connections can be summarised as follows: Protection of passwords and credentials. Secure and timely updates and delivery of firmware and other patches to machines. Networks and protocols that don’t have robust, end-to-end hardware-based encryption. The use of mobile apps to access data and control devices. A lack of processing capacity in the device to perform effective encryption of communications. Emerging capability by organisations to identify and track all devices connected to their network impacting deployment and management of cyber security to all endpoints. When cameras and other devices, along with their control systems, connect to the internet, they become a “weak link” that can allow hackers to take control of the device and its functions and/or infiltrate an entire IT system.  Yet it is inevitable that cameras, surveillance systems, and other devices will be connected to the internet at some time. AI and BI will rely on data gathering and exchange to be effective. Cloud services are changing the economics and dynamics for IT and OT systems. One Australian company tackling these issues head-on is VeroGuard Systems, which has developed the world’s first identity and communications platform that utilises hardware security module (HSM) identity management and communications on open networks for any device or machine. The advanced, secure platform has been developed in Australia. Adding further to the company’s sovereign status is that it manufactures products at its Edinburgh, South Australia facility. One of the products, VeroMod, is an HSM that can connect with any camera, device, or machine. VeroMods, operating with the certified VeroGuard platform, provide any machine with an ultra-secure digital ID. The solution delivers military-grade protection of the ID and verified zero-trust access to or from the connected machine. VeroMod also takes on the cryptographic workload for devices communicating at “secret” and above levels. The company has also embedded an HSM into its Australian-built cameras. This eliminates any risks of breaches to the camera, its data, or systems, even when the connections are direct-to-the-internet. The company’s chairman and co-CEO, H Daniel Elbaum, says, “We have for the first time brought a technology to open networks that eliminates identity and security risks to any machine including surveillance systems”. The company’s VeroMod and cameras connect to the VeroGuard platform, which has been certified Common Criteria for access on open networks by the Australian Cyber Security Centre and is a global one-of-a-kind. Removing Chinese-made security cameras can eliminate their embedded threats, however, security vulnerabilities will continue to be uncovered in the peripheral connectivity, software VPNs, and even the devices themselves. These all represent significant attack surfaces for threat actors looking to exploit these systems and are urgently in need of actions to prevent the growing threats inherent to connecting machines to the internet. There is a solution, and it’s Australian made.

  • ‘Everyone’ being impacted by ‘some sort of cybercrime’

    VeroGuard Chief Executive Nic Nuske interviewed on Sky News on April 27th 2024 says everyone is “being impacted” by “some sort of cybercrime”. “Either directly or someone they know,” Mr Nuske said. On average, one cybercrime is reported every six minutes, with ransomware and breaches causing billions of dollars in damages to the Australian economy. “The estimates that we have from the analysts are telling us that there’s almost $US8 trillion worth of economic impact from cybercrimes every year. That’s anticipated to grow to $US23.8 trillion by 2027.” Watch the full interview

  • Cyber attack prevention is better than a cure

    Published on Asia Pacific Defence Reporter Among spiralling cost of living pressures, and the threat of kinetic warfare in our region, millions of us have already been impacted by a silent and insidious form of attack – cyber, according to leading cyber security solutions provider VeroGuard Systems. The unwavering onslaught to our personal privacy and information is unprecedented in its ferocity. Attacks on government agencies and businesses that we use every day, those that would do us harm know that data and online access is at the heart of our economic ecosystems. According to the Australian Signals Directorate, on average, one cybercrime is reported every six minutes – with ransomware and breaches causing billions of dollars damage to our economy every year. In recent months, we have witnessed severe disruptions to our national economy and significant risk posed to our privacy through cyber-attacks. We’ve heard of the high-profile attacks like DP World, Optus, Medibank, and Telstra – yet hundreds go unreported. Rogue nations, groups and individuals are intent on testing Australia’s defence capabilities, to cause widespread disruption, chaos, and economic devastation. Our critical infrastructure is constantly being probed, and so are we… every Australian is in the scope of hackers – both directly and through disruptions to the services we rely on. As threats become increasingly sophisticated – it is no longer adequate to just patch software, buy off the shelf detection software and switch on second factor authentication – we’re under attack, and an urgent uplift to our security infrastructure and standards are needed. A vulnerability to one is often a risk to us all. Government and industry leaders must urgently elevate our organisations cyber security postures to protect every Australian. Our organisations must lead in the requirement to adopt zero trust architecture if we are to become one of the world’s leading cyber countries by 2030. The consequences if we lag are dire – businesses will stumble and often fold, trust in government institutions will deteriorate, our personal security and wellbeing will be affected, our society will be compromised. The economic impact from cyber-crime is expected to increase almost 300% to US$23.8 trillion by 2027 representing about 28% of global GDP which is a direct loss of wealth, services, and investment for important projects. There are significant economic advantages that may stem from our AUKUS agreement with the United Kingdom and United States. As a key enabler for our Defence capabilities, Australia is preparing for an unprecedented sharing of technologies and knowledge between allied nations. For this to be a success, any transfer must be shielded by a high level of trust and confidence that Australians will be good custodians of this sensitive information. While we are firming up our standards across critical infrastructure like electricity, water, and telecommunications – we cannot shy away from the need to adopt higher standards across other recognised vulnerabilities, such as Defence’s supply chain partners – often made up of small businesses who lack the resources to protect themselves. “However more broadly, who is looking out for the millions of Australians who are currently exposed? Given what is at stake, the actions by government and large industry have been unable to stem the tide. Primarily focusing on detection and remediation initiatives that are designed to react rather than defend are proving to be inadequate. Equally changing habits and behaviors through education programs is worthwhile – but governments cannot outsource the problem to those that lack the knowledge and resources to solve the growing issue. A belief, that it is ok to compromise security for perceived convenience, is counter intuitive. There are few things more inconvenient than having to rebuild a person’s identity or try to run a hospital or airport without the systems on which we now depend. Governments must invest resources to roll out defence grade preventive mechanisms and build the cyber security infrastructures that underpin zero trust networks. Indeed, it is widely accepted that identity centric security is the bedrock to Zero Trust Architecture. It is important to acknowledge the release of the Australian Government’s Cyber Strategy, efforts to uplift critical infrastructure standards and progress coordinating a Country wide digital identity framework.  I also welcome the ambitious target to embed a zero-trust culture across the Australian Public Service to become a global cyber leader by 2030. It is also intended to achieve a consistency in cyber security standards across government, industry, and jurisdictions. I commend the Australian Government for taking the initial steps to strengthen legislation and mandate the reporting of incidents. The Strategy provides much needed focus on weaknesses, especially educating businesses on the inherent risks. However, to achieve the zero-trust outcome, urgency is required on implementing measures that deliver non-repudiable identity verification online for everyone and greater focus on standards to protect remote access and privileged access management. Simple actions now can lead to significant and enduring benefits across Australian communities, such as: Setting and policing rigorous cyber security standards across government and the private sector. Make these standards a pre-requisite for doing business with Government. Establishing a robust baseline for cyber security infrastructure that the whole country must comply with. Re-Focusing government grants and investments to incubation programs within Government agencies that focus on sovereign solutions to provide an overall uplift to Australian capability. I applaud the Albanese Government’s ambitious plan to boost domestic manufacturing and progress to a ‘Future Made in Australia Act.’ The immediate priority must be building sovereign capabilities that reinforce our national security including cyber-attack prevention. Preference must be given to innovative solutions made locally through pilot programs and meaningful contracts. This is a model that has worked with tangible results in Countries such as Estonia, France the United Kingdom, and United States. It’s clear that the government agencies tasked with protecting us are challenged by the increasingly sophisticated threat environment. Adversaries attacks are are buoyed by AI and the development of quantum technologies and an increasing intent to inflict damage on Australia’s economy and communities, we’re seeing the rate and sophistication of attacks continue to escalate and no sector is safe. The economics and current trends are irrefutable, so corporate and political decision makers must carry the responsibility to invest in areas that effectively do a better job of protecting Australians online and our future economic prosperity. Adopting Defence certified preventative solutions across the country is achievable and affordable. There are Australian owned and manufactured options – we should use them. If Australia is to achieve its ambition to be a cyber security world leader by 2030, it must move now to implement policy and funding changes that enable local capabilities to foster and transition away from legacy systems with improved confidence in the security of using the Cloud and connected networks. Until we do, cybercriminals will continue to view Australia as an attractive target, and why wouldn’t they when it continues to be a low cost and high pay off activity? Much smaller nations than Australia, have shown us how an efficient and targeted use of resources combined with the political will, can deliver effective uplifts to cyber security capability and solutions. Now is the time for our political and industry leaders to step up and use world leading Australian solutions to achieve their and everyone’s objective of being more secure online.

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  • Home | VeroGuard Systems The worlds most secure digital identity platform

    VeroGuard Platform a technology of this generation Solutions VeroGuard stops unauthorised access to systems and data. ​ Addressing the rapid growth of cybercrime requires new solutions. The power of indisputable identity verification will change the way you think about digital security. Whether you’re looking for increased protection against fraud, the ability to restrict access to data based on identity, or simply a means to lower operating costs, VeroGuard has the solution. People Machines Data Protection Products VeroGuard is a security platform that powers a variety of unique cyber security products. From the most secure portable digital identity solution available to unparalleled cloud-based data security, VeroGuard secures your digital world. Explore the whole range and discover a product to suit your needs. VeroVault VeroMod VeroCard Purpose How Who ​Indisputable proof of identity for all online and digital communications. Bank-to-bank grade security for internet and cloud. ​VeroGuard stops unauthorised access to cyber systems and data. Enjoy complete online confidence with the power of indisputable identity verification. It’s a simple and familiar way to provide absolute protection from digital fraud for all people, devices, transactions and data. Why VeroGuard VeroGuard is a complete revolution in digital security that stops unauthorised access to systems and data. It is a unique platform built upon a proprietary, globally patented network providing absolute digital security at a level that no other organisation can offer. The identity protection by VeroGuard utilises out-of-band hardware security modules for authentication, encryption and communications at both ends of every online transaction. This technology is based on the most secure digital protection available anywhere. Until now, this non-repudiable technology has been used almost exclusively for interbank and terrestrial defence applications. VeroGuard is the first and only platform to make indisputable verification possible in online use. ​ The global economic impact of cyber crime is devastating, costing $US1 trillion in 2018 alone. This figure continues to escalate with forecasts suggesting that losses will grow to $US6 trillion as soon as 2021. The effect of cybercrime has severe ramifications beyond these economic concerns as well. Approximately 2.5 billion data records were breached globally between 2013 and 2016, a figure which increased to over 11 billion in the following two years. It is evident that existing solutions have not helped to slow this crisis, let alone end it. Identity fraud is the leading cause of economic losses associated with cybercrime. Indisputable verification of online identity is a critical consideration in any response against this threat. News Whitepapers Our Partners VeroGuard Securing Your Digital World Defence Certified Suitable for Every Organisation Find Out More For Government Take control of access to critical systems and data and enjoy the confidence of absolute protection from identity fraud. A privacy-securing, universal digital identity platform for citizens and staff. Find Out More For Corporate ​Eliminate doubt and protect your digital assets with the complete confidence of non-repudiable authentication. The best available digital protection for any corporate application. VeroGuard stops unauthorised access to systems and data.

  • People | VeroGuard Systems

    For Government A unified, universal digital identity platform for Government departments accelerates the ability to bring services online for citizens, secures data and improves administrational procedure. Click below to discover how VeroGuard can help to streamline your Government department. Find Out More Find Out More For Corporate Industry leading ID management solutions, secure remote login options for staff and the ability to store your organisation’s data assets with confidence. A single, unified system to achieve all this and more. Citizen ID The transition to a digital economy requires a trusted, efficient and unified secure method for accessing government services. A VeroGuard Citizen ID seamlessly connects citizens to government services and stops access by impostors to provide trust between citizens and Government. Our platform not only switches between government and corporate applications, but is designed to certify into existing financial networks to utilise existing schemes and settlements at cardholder present level online. It automatically complies with banking identity frameworks and existing retail payment terminals. Citizen ID allows for easy and ultra-secure access to online services for any level of government. It is a universal solution that enables secure online proof of age, online voting, E-health data, E-Prescriptions, digital public transport wallets, event ticketing and so much more. ​ For more information: VeroGuard Citizen ID Business ID Protect your supply chain with the best available security and discover the absolute surety of non-repudiable verification. VeroGuard Business ID is a unified and indisputable solution for verifying the source of all interactions between organisations in your supply chain. In addition to identity management, the solution provides unmatched protection for documents and data, reduces cycle times and prevents the need for data re-entry. It's a universal ID layer for any existing platform that enables a single user account with authentication to access any authorised system. A VeroGuard Business ID provides indisputable, non-repudiable proof of identity for all digital communications and transactions. Our solution verifies every interaction between businesses, as well as those between business and government. VeroGuard stops unauthorised access to systems and data. ​ For more information: VeroGuard Business ID Employee ID Deliver unmatched identity and access management with black-box to black-box level security for communications and data across a single network for organisations and their eco-systems. A VeroGuard employee ID is a unique digital ID allowing for anchored identification, single sign-on, multi-purpose access and verification unified at the user with interoperability across in-house, cloud and hybrid environments. It enables simple, ultra-secure messaging and verifiable identity across the internet, interoperable and compatible with most applications and operating systems. A VeroGuard employee ID replaces ID cards, e-wallets, proximity cards for building access, credit and debit cards, tokens, loyalty cards, licences, e-signatures and more. It’s the only solution that provides indisputable, non-repudiable verification for absolute digital protection. ​ For more information: VeroGuard Employee ID Get VeroGuard Other Solutions Machines People Data Protection Unified, Universal Digital Identity for People Amongst the most pressing concerns currently holding back the effective implementation of a digital economy is that of delivering a secure digital identity. Current identity systems are based on face-to-face interactions, and on physical documents and processes. In a world that is ever more governed by digital transactions and data, existing methods for managing security and privacy are not adequate. The number of identity dependent transactions is growing through increased use of digital channels, and the complexity of these transactions is increasing just as rapidly. Customers have come to expect seamless delivery of services across all platforms and regulators are demanding more transparency around every transaction. Meanwhile, cyber criminals are using more sophisticated technology and tools to conduct their illicit activity. This issue affects every segment of the economy, from government to corporate and even the private citizen. Discover why indisputable, non-repudiable verification of identity is critical to any response against this threat. SOLUTIONS Product: VeroCard

  • Government | VeroGuard Systems

    Get VeroGuard Government A unified, universal digital identity platform for Government departments accelerates the ability to bring services online for citizens, secures data and improves administrational procedure. Click below to discover how VeroGuard can help to streamline your Government department. ​ ​ ​ For Solutions Cybercrime continues to grow at an alarming rate, becoming a very real problem for the digital transformation of any government department. Such departments are increasingly in need of digital infrastructure, whether it’s Defence, Health, Human Services, Home Affairs or Transit. The only way to continue delivering services in this digital climate is to make them viable for all citizens and employees. That means providing the best possible protection from cyber attack. Machines People Data Protection Purpose Adoption of the VeroGuard digital identity platform enables government departments to be more efficient and effective by providing unified and trustworthy online access. Some immediate benefits include process automation, user enablement, personalisation, enhanced delivery, trusted data for decisions and research and trusted secondary commercialisation of information. ​ VeroGuard stops unauthorised access to systems and data. The time to act is now. Security Online security begins with identification, and nothing less than absolute surety will do. Identity systems have always been based on face-to-face interactions, physical documents and processes. The transition to a digital economy requires radically different identity systems. In a world that’s increasingly governed by digital transactions and data, existing methods for managing security and privacy are no longer adequate. ​ The number of digital-identity dependent transactions is growing through increased use of digital channels. Customers expect seamless service delivery with the most user-friendly experience. Indisputable identity verification by VeroGuard stops unauthorised access to systems and data. Energy The VeroGuard platform offers sophisticated cyber security to meet the substantial demands of the modern energy sector. Absolute digital protection is necessary to maintain constant reliability and resilience, even in the event of a cyber-attack. This presents a unique challenge for the energy sector in that systems under attack cannot be easily disconnected from the network as this could potentially result in safety issues or blackouts. ​ VeroGuard supports grid stability in a cross-border interconnected energy network by verifying the authenticity of machines and humans in and across networks. Developed on .net, VeroGuard is an easy platform to integrate with using API’s that will support both legacy and modern applications. Logistics/Supply Chain VeroGuard provides the complete confidence of a fully integrated, ultra-secure supply chain. As demand increases for efficient delivery of online services, so too does the complexity of supply chains for businesses of all sizes. Every additional link in the supply chain, especially those which are automated, represents another opportunity for data to be compromised. ​ The VeroGuard platform secures each step of the process with non-repudiable identity verification and securely links IoT, business and humans. Moreover, it provides reliable and efficient digital infrastructure that converges multiple functions such as security, identity and payments. This helps to manage existing IT complexity and lower risk as well as increasing the speed of cashflow between suppliers. Defence The unique VeroGuard platform can build capability and a defence level security posture for the Industry. Deployment of VeroGuard’s solution would provide a response to the barriers faced by the defence industry’s contractors, immediately lift industry capability and position them to win and service defence business and improve security throughout the ecosystem. ​ VeroGuard delivers an HSM based secure access platform for all industry members and Defence itself to engage and share resources. In combination with universal, unified HSM based digital identity management and the most secure cloud storage available in the world, VeroGuard can help to build a trusted defence industry ecosystem. Ready to get VeroGuard? Take control of your online and digital operations and experience the confidence of absolute protection from identity fraud. ​ Eliminate the danger of data breaches and minimise expenditure with unique identity management solutions, remote login options and industry leading security for data at rest. A single, unified system can achieve all this and more without the need for expensive infrastructure. There's no reason to leave your assets unprotected - the time to act is now.. Prefer to keep your privacy? Call us and see how we can work together +61 (03) 9558 3090

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