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Covid-19 and Business Continuity

How will organisations deal with another potential crisis - cybercrime - as they rightfully ask employees not to come into the office?

  • In a very short period of time, businesses are establishing plans to deal with COVID19.

  • Whilst the majority of business and Government have continuity plans including pandemic response, a long list of organisations are struggling to execute those plans effectively.

  • A key action by many and most organisations, at possibly different points in their plans, involve work from home initiatives. However, as COVID19 becomes a reality, many organisations are becoming exposed to the fact that they have risk accepted or ignored the probability that their employees, suppliers and customers would need to access and use critical systems over open networks that have, till now, run through closed proprietary networks.]

  • COVID19 is putting employees in a seemingly impossible position to work with authentication and encryption systems that are not satisfactory for protecting critical systems and data over open networks. The need to provision secure access with strong authentication becomes paramount to avoid another inevitable crisis from exposing critical systems and data to open networks – cybercrime.

  • Cybercrime is already the fastest growing crime in the world and poor execution of work-from-home cyber security will exacerbate the threat many times over.

  • Rather than accepting higher levels of risk by trying to utilise existing authentication methods, organisations must apply high levels of assurance to ensure they don’t expose critical systems and data to the cyber criminals.

  • The platform that completely and uniquely solves this dilemma is Australian owned and developed VeroGuard Systems. The VeroGuard Platform allows organisations immediate access to a global first that works by applying flexible risk-based policies, cloud Single Sign On and universal high assurance authentication methods to secure access to cloud apps, data and the corporate network whilst meeting business, risk management and full compliance needs.

  • Developed in Melbourne, manufactured by ex-automotive workers from a purpose built high security facility in Adelaide, VeroGuard Systems can provide for open networks an ATM level guarantee to the identity of users, complete user credential protection online and bank to bank level encryption of data in transit, all from a simple to use ‘high assurance’ platform.

  • Jointly developed with the CSIRO, VeroGuard Systems can also provide ultra-secure protection for data at rest that is being accessed by users over the cloud through the same authentication platform.

Contact : Nicholas Nuske | CEO VGS | | 0418 360 215


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