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VeroGuard Platform a technology of this generation


VeroGuard stops unauthorised access to systems and data.

Addressing the rapid growth of cybercrime requires new solutions. The power of indisputable identity verification will change the way you think about digital security.  Whether you’re looking for increased protection against fraud, the ability to restrict access to data based on identity, or simply a means to lower operating costs, VeroGuard has the solution.


VeroGuard is a security platform that powers a variety of unique cyber security products. From the most secure portable digital identity solution available to unparalleled cloud-based data security, VeroGuard secures your digital world.  Explore the whole range and discover a product to suit your needs.

​Indisputable proof of identity for all online and digital communications. Bank-to-bank grade security for internet and cloud.

​VeroGuard stops unauthorised access to cyber systems and data. Enjoy complete online confidence with the power of indisputable identity verification. It’s a simple and familiar way to provide absolute protection from digital fraud for all people, devices, transactions and data.

Why VeroGuard

VeroGuard is a complete revolution in digital security that stops unauthorised access to systems and data. It is a unique platform built upon a proprietary, globally patented network providing absolute digital security at a level that no other organisation can offer.

The identity protection by VeroGuard utilises out-of-band hardware security modules for authentication, encryption and communications at both ends of every online transaction. This technology is based on the most secure digital protection available anywhere. Until now, this non-repudiable technology has been used almost exclusively for interbank and terrestrial defence applications. VeroGuard is the first and only platform to make indisputable verification possible in online use.

The global economic impact of cyber crime is devastating, costing $US1 trillion in 2018 alone. This figure continues to escalate with forecasts suggesting that losses will grow to $US6 trillion as soon as 2021. The effect of cybercrime has severe ramifications beyond these economic concerns as well.


Approximately 2.5 billion data records were breached globally between 2013 and 2016, a figure which increased to over 11 billion in the following two years. It is evident that existing solutions have not helped to slow this crisis, let alone end it.

Identity fraud is the leading cause of economic losses associated with cybercrime. Indisputable verification of online identity is a critical consideration in any response against this threat.

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Take control of access to critical systems and data and enjoy the confidence of absolute protection from identity fraud. A privacy-securing, universal digital identity platform for citizens and staff.



​Eliminate doubt and protect your digital assets with the complete confidence of non-repudiable authentication. The best available digital protection for any corporate application. VeroGuard stops unauthorised access to systems and data.

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