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VeroGuard Systems receives ‘defence certification’

Australian cyber security company VeroGuard Systems has become one of three Australian companies with a Common Criteria certified product, opening new opportunities to deploy its VeroGuard Platform in defence and other high security environments.

Common Criteria is an international standard (ISO/IEC 15408) for computer security certification. Reportedly utilising the same methods guided missile systems use for their communication systems, the VeroGuard Platform is certified for secure access over open networks to all systems and data.

“VeroGuard is proud to be an Australian company, providing cutting-edge sovereign technology to the market which is currently dominated by global companies,” The CEO said. “Common Criteria certification provides our customers confidence that they cannot get better protection than our platform for verifying who is accessing their systems and data. This is an ‘out of the box’ zero trust solution."

According to the company, VeroGuard’s digital identity platform is the world’s only digital ID platform for open networks that uses Hardware Security Module (HSM) to HSM communications. It uses a ‘personal high security card’ (a Hardware Security Module known as VeroCard) with a PIN, which removes traditional password, low security hardware and software tokens and online identity issues – guaranteeing a user’s identity online.

The VeroCard has also received the highest security certification available for a PIN entry device (PCI PTS 5.1). An integral part of the certification was VeroGuard System’s advanced manufacturing facility in the Edinburgh defence precinct north of Adelaide, which manufactures VeroCard.

VeroGuard Systems also recently partnered with IT integrator Kyndryl to provide government and enterprise customers access to the platform.

“As the principal Systems Integrator for VeroGuard, Kyndryl welcomes the announcement of Common Criteria Certification for VeroGuard HSM for Open Networks," Collin Penman, Kyndryl Partner – Cyber Security Practice A/NZ said. "This represents a standout success of sovereign technology innovation, and demand for a higher level of security authentication, non-repudiable identification, and high attainment of cryptographic security that the Australian Defence and Federal Government Agencies market is seeking.

“Now the technology has been certified, Kyndryl and VeroGuard look forward to expanding on initial deployments and continuing to successfully engage the Australian market and beyond.”

Australian Defence Magazine - 23 February 2022



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